First off, all of our products can be used for your cable/hose protection needs. 

The choice between using a dropover, which offers three (3) sides of protection, versus a cableguard, which offers full, 360° of protection, is often determined by where the cables will be set up.  If the surface where the cables will be set up is rough or irregular the use of cableguards will insure complete protection of the cables and hoses.  If your application encompasses a setup where the cables or hose will be laid out on grass, sand or other similar, soft or non-abrasive surfaces the concern for 360° is less of an issue.

Load bearing is another consideration in determining which product is best suited for your application.  Pedestrian, light vehicles like golf carts and wheeled carts are probably best suited for using the dropovers as they are intended for less robust applications where load bearing and the potential for wear isn’t as great of a concern.

Another reason for using the cableguards versus dropovers would be the need for cable organization.  With the need to segregate some lines or cables from one another, as in the desire to reduce EMI/RFI interference potential and to prevent liquids used in some hoses and pipes, from interfering with electrical signals, the cableguards provide you with positive channel delineation.